The artists behind our fine company


Arnar Benjamín Kristjánsson

CEO - Producer

Arnar Benjamín has a MA degree from Met Film School in London and is a graduate from the Icelandic Film School. 



Guðni Líndal Benediktsson

Head of development - director/writer

Guðni Líndal holds a MA degree in screenwriting from Screen Academy Scotland. He is also a graduate from the Icelandic Film School. Guðni is a prolific writer and has written two best seller books and few screenplays.

He currently has few feature scripts in development with Fenrir Films and resides in Edinburgh. Guðni has a free ticket to every cinema in Edinburgh and watches every film that comes out to cinemas ever.

Páll Ingi Ævarsson

Vice President of development - Writer

Páll Ingi aka. Palli, is a graduate from the Icelandic Film School and is one of Fenrir Films writers. Páll is also a prolific script supervisor and has worked as such on every Fenrir Films film since 2011. Palli is a hilarious guy and we call him a walking encyclopedia.



Ari Rannveigarson


Ari is our sound guy. He is a master of sound and has worked as a sound guy since 2011 when he started working at LazyTown studios. Ari is half greenlandic and loves extreme sports.


Eyjólfur Ásberg Ámundason

Assistant director

Eyjólfur aka. Eyjó is a graduate from the Icelandic Film School. Eyjó has worked on projects such as Game of Thrones and Fortitude. He is also the one that came up with the name Fenrir Films. Eyjó is our assistant director and is very good with timekeeping and scheduling. Fun fact about Eyjó is that he loves horror film despite being a hardcore skeptic.


Hilmar Loftsson

Animator - Writer

Hilmar is our animator and the designer of our logo. Although he has an extensive background in comics the young animator has been working hard on our upcoming horror flick Among Shadows. Hilmar currently resides in Burbank, California where he studies at the New York Film Academy and volunteers at the Fenrir Films America office. Hilmar has the most characteristic laughter of the Fenrir team.

Stefán Örn Viðarsson

Camera operator

Stefán aka. Stebbi90 is our assistant camera/camera operator. He is a graduate from the Icelandic Film School. He is also a tinsmith and creates both props and other stuff we might need out of tin. Fun fact about Stebbi90 is that he got the nickname on the first week of studying at the Icelandic Film School and it just stuck to him.

Viggó Hansson

Director of photography

Viggó is our DOP. He is a graduate from the Icelandic Film School and films almost every project we produce. Viggó is our video game guy and usually brings his Dreamcast to our office parties where everyone participates in ChuChu Rocket.


Einar Pétursson

Producer - Director

Einar is a graduate from the Icelandic Film School and from New York Film Academy. He holds the Fenrir Films America fort, along with Hilmar, and resides in the heart of the film industry in Los Angels. Einar has been with us since 2014 and has the second most characteristic laughter in the Fenrir Films team. Einar also has his own hashtag, #itsnoteasybeingeinar, use it as often as you can.

Haraldur Thorlacius


Haraldur aka. Halli Toll is one of our producer but he is also a grip. Halli has worked on many of Iceland's biggest film projects and is a very sought after as a music video producer. Halli joined us in 2015. Fun fact, Halli goes to every music festival he can and knows (almost) every single rapper in Iceland.


Simon Deeley

Writer - Script Consultant

Simon is the newest addition to our team. He has a MA degree in writing from the Met Film School in London. Simon reads every single script submitted to Fenrir, takes notes and approves them or disapproves them. Simon resides in London and is the only foreigner we have ever met that loves Eurovision.

Despite us being guys we love to get scripts from women writers and directors. If you are interested in working with us, send us your script and Simon will read it and get back to you.